About Move To Happiness

Corporate wellbeing

We had long been toying with the idea of reinforcing our mission and vision with an online platform for businesses. In fact, a total offer where physical, social and mental wellbeing improvement are central is lacking in the market. And precisely for that reason, and with that in mind, we developed the Move To Happiness platform, where employees can get started on a program of their choice at their own pace.

The boundaries between work and private life are today much more blurred than they used to be. Whether you find that positive or negative, it means anyway that an employer can no longer limit itself to “giving work”, but must also commit to welfare. We strongly believe in an overall vision. Wellness should be an integral part of the corporate culture. With Move To Happiness, we help companies do just that: we offer them a convenient plug&play solution that allows their employees to build on their wellbeing at their own pace. The fact that we now have some 6 years of experience in the B2C sector, thanks to the wellbeing club in Nijlen, is a great added value. Too often, companies launch ad hoc wellness activities in which few employees participate. The developed community plan maximizes employee engagement.

To guarantee this total package, Move To Happiness joins forces with big names within the field: wellbeing expert Ann De Bisschop, sleep expert and neurologist Dr. Inge Declercq, chief dietitian at the UZA and TV chef Michaël Sels, sports psychologists Ellen Schouppe and Tara Kuklis, mindfulness expert Ian Moerbeek, exercise coach Jenny van den Brandt and nutrition coach Lore Ceulemans. The experts share their knowledge through four-week programs on the wellbeing platform of Move To Happiness. Employees can thus target content that is most relevant to them at the time. Moreover, if necessary, they can also engage in more intensive one-on-one coaching.