ESG initiatives: how to reach as many employees as possible?

A high workload, stress, meeting-hopping. Social impact is more relevant than ever. Most companies organize a lot of initiatives. But how do you engage as many employees as possible? How can you increase engagement? How do you make sure your ESG initiatives are not only fun and useful, but also aligned with your employees’ needs and interests?

Tip 1: Not perfect, but unique

Make your ESG initiatives diverse and flexible. Not every employee has the same needs, preferences and learning styles. Some people like sports, others find meditation, sustainability or nutrition interesting topics. Some like to learn in groups, others prefer to learn individually. Some need regularity, others need variety. Therefore, try to vary both in content and form: offer different types of activities, such as workshops, webinars, challenges, games, videos, etc. Let your employees choose which activities they want to attend, when and how. Also give them the option to set their own pace and level.

AZ Herentals has found the perfect partner in Move To Happiness to provide its employees with a broad ESG offer.

“MTH offers us an umbrella solution with a focus on both emotional and physical well-being. All this within a structure where employees can use the content individually independent of time and place.” – Wim Gys, HR-director at Az Herentals


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