Only 23% feel that company managers are investing in mental health

Inzetten op wellbeing

More and more managers and emplyees realize the importance of health at work. And so do you, most probably, because you’re reading this blog. Do you also know what employees expect from companies and employers? What do they need to feel good mentally and physically at work? The World Day for Safety and Health at Work seems to us to be the ideal moment to highlight this.

Research conducted by Acerta and StepStone revealed only 56% of Belgian private-sector employees feel that their employers care about their mental health.

In fact, 23% said their employers had not done anything to contribute to their mental health in the past year.

And yet, 93% of the managers say they care about their staff’s wellbeing. These figures reflect a large gap between the views of employees and employers.

It makes it important to map out what employees need. In this way, the company’s managers and HR team can also take things into consideration.

Growth potential

In 2022, employees expect more from companies. They not only want a decent salary, but also good opportunities: to grow and develop professionally and as a person.

Proper HR support

It takes a proper HR team to be able to provide good support. However, HR teams are often submerged into bureaucratic processes and paperwork. For example, the service is not always agile enough and it becomes more difficult to respond to the employees’ needs in time.

Health – during and after the COVID-19 crisis

Today every company feels strongly about health. Even more so since the COVID-19 crisis presented itself. A survey performed by the IBM Institue for Business Value revealed that most employers scored average or above average for their support of employees during the crisis. However, less than 20% managed to really support them physically, financially and mentally.

Individual employees, general problem

Employees often have different views on policy and what could be changed for the better. For example, some people embrace a healthy balance between work and private life. Others put the values of the company or the compensation at the top of their list. Because the wishes are so diverse, it is often difficult to provide an appropriate answer or action for all of them. This is why Move To Happiness has developed a wide range. The new digital health platform has something for everyone: from sleep to sports and from balance to business challenges. The health platform makes sure employees improve individually and grow together.

So basically, what are employees’ wishes and expectations? They want more: more freedom, more participation, and (aboce all) more attention for their health, both at a personal and professional level.

That’s exactly what Move To Happiness is all about: assisting employees on a physical, mental and social level. Thanks to the communication tools and HR toolkit, we support and relieve the HR department in terms of communication and development of the health program.

Are you also looking for a health program that perfectly matches the needs of your employees?