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Through one central platform we challenge, educate and unite employees to embrace a sustainable, healthy and purpose driven lifestyle. Together we tackle the most pressing social issues of our time.

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Digital Detox

More focus for more balance and less stress Ann De Bisschop teaches you the difference between focus and concentration. You will get to know your attention curve and use it optimally.

Healthy food for thought

Join dietician Michaël Sels on the road to a long and healthy life, without spending hours in the kitchen. You will gain insight into how your body uses food. We focus on more instead of less.

Start to move

Are you looking for an accessible sports program? Do you start with high spirits but persistence is difficult? The “Start to move” program on the Move To Happiness platform is the perfect starter. Too little time or motivation is no longer an excuse!

The power of sleep

Can’t catch sleep at night? Do you regularly have afternoon dips? “The Power of Sleep” has been created especially for you. Sleep expert and neurologist Dr. Inge Declercq gives hands-on tips and practical info to tackle sleep problems.

Fun challenges

Individual challenges: Who can manage, using serveral tips, to lower their biological age? Who can boost their sleep pattern in 10 Days? 

Team challenges: Which departement picks up the most litter? Who moves the most, the fastest?

Insight into one's own performance

Thanks to a wearable connection, employees have continuous visibility of their own progress.

Events and trainings

Move To Happiness content creators providing online, hybrid or in-office trainings? Train together with colleagues for the Antwerp 10 Miles and participate in the race together? Or organize a real happy day with workshops, experiences, sports sessions and a party? Everything is possible! Some of the offerings:

A running competition or obstacle runs
Including preparation
Ellen Schouppe Move To Happiness content creator
High performance attitudes
By Ellen Schouppe
Inge Declercq Move To Happiness content creator
Shift plan
By Dr. Inge Declercq

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