Plug & Play

Get started right away, without any major time commitment. Just, Plug & Play! Employees can start with different topics at their own pace. You will receive a communication toolkit to drive engagement.

3 staircase model as the basis of the annual plan

1. Monthly inspirational webinars/workshops.
2. Passage from webinars/workshops to specific 4-week courses
3. Atypical challenges: collaborate or compete

A personalized annual plan

Each month, a few relevant programs are highlighted. The topics are linked to specific feelings that live during the seasons. In January we traditionally address good intentions, in March we work around sleep to ease the transition from winter to summer time. During fall we recharge your employees’ batteries with Recharge programs.

Also your existing events, trainings, … can be merged into this complete annual plan!

Ready-to-use communications

You will receive a ready-to-use toolkit to raise awareness about wellbeing!

MTH communication

Newsletters, intranetposts, visuals for internal screens, ... especially for you: a ready-to-use communication package every month.

Corporate communications

Add your own communication messages about events, trainings, news updates, ... to the platform

Distribution of information and content

On the MTH Assistant platform, employees choose which way they want to be informed: the app, work or private email, SMS, … On the MTH Watch platform, content videos are accessible anytime, anywhere: iOS, Android, TV and web.

MTH assistant platform
MTH watch platform

The role of the leadership team

In addition to the employees, the leadership team also plays a crucial role in the success of the wellbeing program. Move To Happiness helps you by developing a plan that is achievable and effective.

Join us yourself
  • Experience what the 4-week program does to you
  • Schedule set times in your calendar
  • Link these moments to regular team meetings
  • Time is often an excuse for limited priority
Do it together with your team
  • Determine a common starting point
  • Experience together what the 4-week program does to you
  • Schedule set times to watch one video per week of the program with your team
  • Join challenges together
Focus stakeholder HR and wellbeing teams
Get to know each other better
  • Use this moment to get to know your team members in a different way
  • Share experiences with each other
  • Use this moment to listen to your team members
  • What does this program do to them?
  • What are they running into?
  • What do your team members care about?

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