Gathering of your wellbeing

Centralize all your wellbeing initiatives in one place: an easy-to-use platform on which to communicate MTH activities and your own activities. We provide a personalized annual plan, ready-to-use communication and interesting data.

Let's start with a bang

Start with high engagement rates right away thanks to the elaborate onboarding process.

Workshop 1: schedule roadmap
Approaches and methods will be discussed. All upcoming workshops and important dates will be scheduled in the calendar.
Workshop 2: personalized annual plan
All Move To Happiness activities and your own organized activities are compiled into a clear annual plan.
Workshop 3: training management portal
How do you add new employees? How do you archive employees? What data insights can you look at?
Workshop 4: role of leadership
The leadership team plays a crucial role in the success of the wellbeing program. MTH helps you with an effective plan.
Move To Happiness is announced in a fun way within the organization. Employees can start immediately.
6 weeks before the launch
6 weeks before the launch
3 weeks before the launch
2 weeks before the launch

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A personalized annual plan

Each month, a few relevant programs are highlighted. The topics are linked to specific feelings that live during the seasons. In January we traditionally address good intentions, in March we work around sleep to ease the transition from winter to summer time. During fall we recharge your employees’ batteries with Recharge programs.

Also your existing events, trainings, … can be merged into this complete annual plan!

Ready-to-use communications

You will receive a ready-to-use toolkit to raise awareness about wellbeing!

MTH communication

Newsletters, intranetposts, visuals for internal screens, ... especially for you: a ready-to-use communication package every month.

Corporate communications

Add your own communication messages about events, trainings, news updates, ... to the platform

Wellbeing data insights

A live dashboard gives you the insights you need. What challenges do your employees face? What HR actions are relevant now? Together with Move To Happiness, optimize your well-being strategy thanks to interesting data.

Management portal Move To Happiness

Ability to connect with existing platforms

Contact point for violations

Training platform


Have a look at the platform?

Test out for free how Move To Happiness tackles the biggest wellbeing challenges! Get access to the full platform and receive monthly communications. Experience for yourself how employees would experience it!