During the summer holiday, we are entirely ready for the smell of grilled meat and fish. Barbecue sets are brought out again: with large forks, sharp knives, spicy herbs and crazy aprons we get to work. And yes, barbecued food can be healthy! Be sure to check out these tips and your next BBQ party will be even more fun and tastier!

Let’s get started

Yes… everyone claimes barbecued food is bad for you. When roasting over charcoal, PCAs (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons) are released. It is important to keep these to a minimum. These tips will make it perfectly easy to do exactly that!

  • Roasting meet or fish over charcoal will melt the fat present in these foods. This causes the release of PCAs that end up on the meat and fish together with the smoke. The greater the distance between charcoal and the grate, the fewer PCAs can reach your food, the better.
  • You can collect the melting fat into an aluminium dish.
  • Opt for not too fatty meats and do not use too much oil. You can even trim visible fat. Fatty fish types certainly are harmless, after all, they contain healthy fats.
  • Avoid eating burnt pieces of meat. This is where there is a high concentration of PCAs.
  • Definitely avoid smoked meats and fish.

Tips serving our body weight

  • Go for lean meats instead.
  • Enjoy cooking fresh vegetables and herbs together with meat and fish in aluminium foil.
  • Don’t forget the fresh vegetables and serve the vinaigrette separately. Let everyone complete to their own taste. Alternatively, prepare slim vinaigrettes.
  • How about extra vegetables on the grill to provide tasty and healthy alternatives: eggplant, paprika, onion, tomato, zucchini, mushrooms…
  • Go for whole-grain options: whole-grain bread, whole-grain rice, whole-grain pasta…

Interesting tool

Now you’re all set to enjoy BBQ this summer without feeling guilty about it. Because this is tasty and healthy food at the same time!

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