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More and more young people are swapping their current employer for a new one: by 2022, more than 1 in 10 young people (11%) were leaving their employer. This is more than double compared to past years (even +181% compared to 2019, before corona). (Acerta survey of 30,000 employers)

So the momentum is there! Companies that want to win the war for talent today therefore put attention to (mental) well-being and a viable work-life balance high on the agenda.

What impressed me most about Move To Happiness, even then and still is, is the wide range of possibilities it offers. Because as an organization, that’s where the biggest challenge lies. Covering the broad scope (mental, physical and social) of wellbeing is no easy task.

Dorien Timmermans, People & Culture business partner for the locations Beringen and Geleen, Borealis

The fact that Move To Happiness delivers ready-made communications monthly certainly helps to maximize engagement. Super fun is that the monthly themes are tailored to the seasons each time. In March, for example, at the hour change, they highlight the program "The Power of Sleep". Now, in summer, healthy vacation food.

Wim Lambrechts HR director, PeopleWare