Kick-off Day We Empower / Move To Happiness

Ready to kick off?

Do you keep raising the bar for yourself? Do you live on autopilot and are you always busy? Do you often lie awake at night? Does your energy level go up and down on a regular basis?

We care about your wellbeing, both at work and outside of work. That’s why we offer you a wide range of wellbeing together with Move To Happiness. Save the date, because we launch on January 27!  The We Empower / Move To Happiness kick-off will not only introduce you to the Move To happiness platform’s offerings and operations, we also have a lot of fun experiences for you! Let us give you a preview of what to expect. 

All activities are fully booked. You are more than welcome to the happy hour (no reservation needed!).

Healthy breakfast & workshop with Michaël Sels
Chair massages provided by professional masseurs
Yoga class taught by Ann-Jo
Happy hour with mocktails and fun experiences