Do you sit at your desk all day? Do you notice that you are less fit because of that? Does your body stiffen at the end of the day? Do you suffer from nech and back pain?

Quick, easily applicable tips

  1. Every hour, make sure you stand up and stretch. This way you keep your blood circulation moving and your muscles flexible. Because dit you know tight muscles trigger headaches?
  2. Pay attention to posture: try to place both feet flat on the floor as much as possible and to keep your back as straight as possible. You can always stick reminder notes onto visible places, to remember to check your posture every now and then.
  3. Take the stairs, not the elevator.
  4. Enjoy a short walk on your coffee break, to refresh your focus.
  5. Cycle to work or park your car further away.
  6. Do you have a lot of meetings? Then consider a walking meeting instead of a meeting held in a boring conference room. You might be surprised at the ideas you will come up with!

Tips on movement

  1. Take a walk on your lunch break, alone or with (a) colleague(s).
  2. Occasionally, walk up and down the stairs befor and after you visit the toilet.
  3. Enjoy a tiny workout break every day at 11am. Download a 10-minute option for free here. No sportswear needed. Simply relax all the muscles! Download hier eentje van 10 minuten gratis.
  4. Draw up fun “movement cards” together with your colleagues and collect them in a big jar. During the break, everyone takes a card that you then perform.

The following exercises can help you on your way to drawing up the movement cards:

  • 1 min standing leg raises right + 1 min left >> turn your side to the back of the chair, grab it to keep balance, and swing your leg up and down.
  • 1 min knee raises right + 1 min left >> push your knee up to hip height, arms optionally moving along; when your knee is up, your arm is down and vice versa.
  • 2 min stretch of the upper and lower back >> place your elbow on the chair back, then make your back alternately round and hollow again.
  • 2 min incline push-ups >> place your hands on your desk shoulder-width apart, make sure your body forms a straight line from your toes to your shoulders, then bend to 90° at your elbows and push yourself back up.
  • 1 min incline plank >> place your elbows on the seat of your chair (that cannot roll away), make a straight line from toes to shoulders, and hold.
  • 1 min static lunge right + 1 min left >> place your left leg behind, bend until both knees from a 90° angle and push up again. Change legs after 1 minute.

Tips for good nutrition

  1. Avoid a daily takeaway lunch. Prepare your own lunch to eat on your lunch break. Use healthy ingredients to taste. This saves you both money and helps you consume fewer calories. A win-win situation!
  2. Treat yourself to healthy snacks that provide energy; fruit, a handful of nuts… instead of attacking the candy machines at work.
  3. Try to limit the amount of coffee. Coffee has a diuretic effect, which can lead to headaches. Caffeine makes you restless, which reduces your focus and makes you sleep less well.
  4. Drink pleny of water. You will keep hydrated and your body works better, on the inside and outside.

With these tips, you will definitely stay in shape, even if you would spend the entire day at your desk.

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