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We are in a daily rat race and yearn for more time for ourselves. But how do we do that? Make your move with fun workouts, boost your sleep, unwind with yoga and much more!

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Start your personal road to happiness today via your laptop, TV or in the app and…

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Do you want to exercise more and eat healthier, but don’t know where to start? Do you simply have too little time to exercise? And do you find nutrition labels far too confusing?

The Toned programs will help you on your way to a healthier and fit body thanks to good habits.


Always tired in the afternoon? Do you slump on the couch at home because you are completely exhausted? Find out what your energy guzzlers are, get the most out of your me-time and discover the influence of nutrition in your daily functioning…

Energy, for those who need more.


Does working from home make work and home flow together? Are you easily distracted by the sound of receiving an e-mail or text message from WhatsApp? Then the Work-Life programs are made for you!

We help you on your way to the ideal balance and a better harmony between work and private life.


Is your life always busy, busy, busy? Do you feel like you have to keep a lot of balls in the air? Are you unable to recharge your batteries?

Recharge lends you a hand: this way you will learn how to relax.

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  • More than 20 wellbeing programs
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  • BONUS: Monthly access to live webinars from the MTH experts
30% discount

Frequantly asked questions

You can stop whenever you want. No long-term commitment. Manage your own subscription yourself on the platform.

When you create your subscription, you pay for your first month or immediately for a year. If you choose for monthly payments, the amount will be collected monthly on the same date. When you choose an annual subscripion you get 30% off.

Yes, you can! Follow all our programs wherever and whenever you want. You have 24/7 access to all videos, tests and PDF’s.

Yes, you can! We love flexibility as much as you do! Cancel your subscription whenever you want. You can manage your subscription yourself on the platform.

Meet our wellbeing experts

Jenny van den Brandt
  • Group class instructor
  • Workout program designer

Jenny inspires and motivates you to get moving. Short moments of exercise or spirited workouts, anything goes.

Lore Ceulemans
  • Founder of Foodcoaching praktijk
  • Coach emo-eating and oncology dietitian
  • Specializing in sports nutrition and general dietetics

Lore helps you adjust your diet in a structural way.

Ian Moerbeek
  • Founder of Siri Harpal Singh
  • Was a member of the Special Units of the Federal Police for 19 years
  • Certified yogateacher

Ian guides you, through meditation and yoga, to take care of your body and mind with love.

Dr. Inge Declercq
  • Neurologist, certified sleep expert and coach
  • Founder of SleepWell & StressLess
  • Dr. at UZA, chronobiologist and neuroscientist

Inge helps you toward more energy during the day and fewer sleep issues at night.

Ann De Bisschop
  • Wellbeing expert and keynote speaker
  • Former Wellbeing director at DPG Media

Ann helps you find more structure and fewer distractions in your (hybrid) workday.

Tara Kuklis
  • Author of the book “De Ultieme Overwinning
  • sports psychologist bj clubs such as OHL and Feyenoord
  • Coaches corporate teams to high performing teams

Tara provides insight into energy guzzlers and boosters so you can boost your energy levels.

Ellen Schouppe
  • Founder of Smart Mind methodology
  • Author of the book “De Ultieme Overwinning
  • Sports psychologist for Team Belgium, the Belgian Cats and the Belgian Cheetahs

Ellen provides tools to develop a growth mindset and implement new habits sustainably.

Michaël Sels
  • Chief dietitian at the UZA
  • TV chef on Njam tv
  • Author of the book “Lekker lang leven

Michael inspires you with lots of healthy recipes and interesting nutrition tips.