3 reasons to start yoga

Waarom starten met yoga

For many people, starting yoga classes is a big step. Does it seem to floaty to you? Think you’re not nimble enough? Can’t sit still and love stimuli? Do you find it difficult to surrender yourself to silence? Believe us, yoga is for everyone! We like to give you, with these three reasons, that final push to start yoga.

You develop both your physical and mental strength

The many yoga postures and positions allow you to develop your muscles more, making your body stronger. After a few yoga sessions, you immediately notice that your physical strength has increased tremendously.

Anyone who thinks of yoga also immediately thinks of breathing. During yoga, it is important to concentrate well on your breathing. This also makes you focus more on the moment and on the exercises. This causes you to develop your mental strength more and more.

Yoga makes you fitter

Contrary to what many people think, yoga not only calms your mind, but also makes for a fitter body. After all, you’ll soon be spending half an hour to an hour, and there are lots of different forms.

For example, would you like to build muscle? Then choose a more vigorous form of yoga. Or would you like to be in motion? Then a more gentle yoga form may be ideal for you.

Yoga thus makes your body stronger and more powerful, making you feel fitter immediately. But there are still many physical benefits. Yoga improves your posture, makes you limber and flexible, eases joints and so on.

Yoga reduces stress

Last but not least, yoga reduces your stress. Do you have a tremendously busy and stressful job? Does that include a busy personal life? Then it is hugely important to take a moment for yourself on a regular basis.

Yoga is the ideal way to turn to yourself and unwind. Yoga teaches you how to relax and how best to pay attention to proper breathing. Yes, breathing is key in yoga. As a result, you will immediately start to have fewer stress symptoms and stay more focused both at work and outside of work.

Could we totally convince you to start yoga? We welcome you in our Yoga Studio or on our online platform.