Tiny workout breaks

10’ workout

Loosen up all the muscles in a short moment of movement. No sweating, no sportswear required, just 10 minutes of exercise!


Curious to learn more about the Move To Happiness platform?

Our approach

Focus on employee & HR wellbeing teams

Broad well-being offerings for employees

✔️ Access to more than 30 programs (themes: Sport, Energy, Work-life, Recharge, Family, Toned)

✔️ Overview of personal achievements and evolution

✔️ Individual challenges and team challenges

✔️ Trainings and events

Broad wellbeing offering MTH
Focus stakeholder HR and wellbeing teams

Full support for wellbeing teams

✔️ Personalized annual plan

✔️ Ready-to-use communications

✔️ Wellbeing data insights

✔️ Ability to connect with your internal tools and activities