Workout tips for busy days

Workouttips drukke dagen

Do you regularly have very busy days? Does this stop you from exercising? And don’t you feel really good about this? Move To Happiness is delighted to share some tips to be able to do your favorite workout on busy days!

1. Schedule your workout moments in your calendar

A piece of advice that you keep getting, but which is really worth keeping in mind, is to actually schedule your workout moments. For example, do you watch TV for an hour or two every night? Use this time for half an hour to exercise and immediately add it to your calendar. This makes sure you have less tendency to postpone your workout and completely change your plans at the last minute.

2. Make your day as active as you can

Our next tip is to make your day as active as possible. Because perhaps after a busy and stressful day, you really don’t feel like getting into your sports gear in the evening to do a workout.

To make sure you’ve had enough exercise on days like this you can, for example, cycle or walk to work, park you car a little bit further down the road or take the stairs instead of the elevator. But there are also a couple of things you can do during your working day to get enough exercise. Combine your coffee breaks with shoft walks or enjoy one of our tiny workout moments. This way you will have had some exercise even on a very busy and stressful day.

3. Go for short, but powerful workouts

And last but not least: are you really pressed for time, but do you really want to finish your workout? Then go for a short, but powerful workout. Our Start to Move program is perfect for that! With workouts lasting no more than 15 minutes, you have a short, but challenging workout that fits perfectly within your busy schedule.

And how about this: our Start to Move program focuses on your entire body. This way you train your core, booty, condition and much more!

Are you a busy bee who still wants to keep moving every day? Then definitely use these three tips and explore the Move To Happiness Start to Move program!