ESG initiatives: how to reach as many employees as possible?

A high workload, stress, meeting-hopping. Social impact is more relevant than ever. Most companies organize a lot of  initiatives. But how do you engage as many employees as possible? How can you increase engagement? How do you make sure your ESG initiatives are not only fun and useful, but also aligned with your employees’ needs and interests?

Tip 1: Not perfect but unique

Make your ESG initiatives diverse and flexible. Not every employee has the same needs, preferences and learning styles when it comes to well-being. Some people like sports, others find meditation or nutrition interesting topics. Some like to learn in groups, others prefer to learn individually. Some need regularity, others need variety. Therefore, try to vary both in content and form: offer different types of activities, such as workshops, webinars, challenges, games, videos, etc. Let your employees choose which activities they want to attend, when and how. Also give them the option to set their own pace and level.

AZ Herentals has found the perfect partner in Move To Happiness to provide its employees with a broad ESG offer.

"MTH offers us an umbrella solution with a focus on both emotional and physical well-being. All this within a structure where employees can use the well-being content individually independent of time and place."

Wim Gys
HR-director at AZ Herentals

Want to know more about the broad Move To Happiness content from experts such as Dr. Inge Declercq, Michaël Sels, Ann De Bisschop, … Check it out here

Tip 2: Unknown makes unloved

Communicate clearly and regularly about your initiatives. One of the biggest pitfalls is that activities are not sufficiently known or visible to your employees. If you want your employees to participate, you must first inform and enthuse them about what you offer and why. So communicate clearly and regularly about your ESG initiatives through various channels, such as email, intranet, newsletter, social media, etc.

Tip 3: Easy-to-use is the ultimate sophistication

Make it easy. Make sure your wellbeing initiatives are approachable and accessible. Avoid 100 different tools and platforms. Make sure the go to for employees is very clear.

Did you know that the Move To Happiness platform can centralize all your initiatives? Besides the broad MTH content offering with programs and webinars by Ellen Schouppe, Ian Moerbeeck, … there is also the possibility to link your own events, trainings or report centers.

Check; Your central wellbeing place is born!

Tip 4: See things from different points of view

Involve your employees in designing and implementing your ESG initiatives. No one knows better what they need. So ask them for their opinions, ideas and feedback on what they want and expect.

The chart below shows the best-viewed Move To Happiness programs. Did you expect Emo eating to score this high? Putting yourself in your employees’ shoes is so intersting!

Most viewed MTH-programs (May 2022 till May 2023)

Through insights and necessary statistics, Move To Happiness launched its sixth wellbeing pillar last month: family. Because events at home can also cause tension and fatigue. A baby who sleeps poorly, the daily struggle to get tired children to eat healthy meals, …

Tip 5: To measure is to know

What challenges do your employees face? What HR actions are currently relevant? Try to have a continuous view of your employees’ situation. Unfortunately, surveys and questionnaires remain only a snapshot. Moreover, the answers are often subjective. Real-time data can give you objective insights to permanently optimize the well-being strategy.

Management portal Move To Happiness
Realtime dashbaord for MTH-clients to check the evolutions

Good luck with these hands-on tips! Need help rolling out your wellness policy or want to chat about the broad Move To Happiness offerings?

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