The Week of Happiness at Work: 5 tips to spark joy at your workplace!

More and more companies are recognizing the importance of happy and motivated employees. After all, they are the foundation of any successful organization. To celebrate their employees, companies are increasingly celebrating ‘the Week of Happiness at Work’. Move To Happiness gives you 5 tips to make the Week of Happiness at Work a success, so your employees will have a week full of fun, productivity, and fulfillment.

Tip 1: Appreciate and acknowledge

Start the Week of Happiness at Work by expressing your appreciation and recognition for your colleagues. This can be done by organizing a day filled with compliments where everyone gives at least five compliments to colleagues. Everyone enjoys receiving positive feedback. Or provide a small gift for each employee, with a card that says “thank you”.  

Tip 2: Prioritize well-being

Initiatives around well-being and mental health are gaining more and more importance in our society. Put the well-being of your employees first and start with initiatives that you can still apply after Happiness Week. Want to invite a Move To Happiness speaker? Such as Dr. Inge Declercq or Michaël Sels? Let us know!

Tip 3: Organize a team building

Nothing better to spark collegiality than by doing an activity together. Organize your own quiz, soccer tournament or escape room to strengthen the bond between colleagues. Such team buildings are not only good for the atmosphere among colleagues. It also promotes trust between employees and creates a more open communication in your team.

Tip 4: Work-life balance

Recognize the importance of a good work-life balance by dedicating a full day to workplace flexibility. Although telecommuting is now well-established at most companies, perhaps for once you could provide fun and original flex workspaces. Who wouldn’t want to work from the Zoo or an amusement park for a day?

Tip 5: Celebrate milestones

End the Week of Happiness at Work by highlighting some of your employees’ milestones or personal success stories. Give everyone who has worked there for 5, 10 or maybe even 30 years a small gift. Or organize a closing ceremony where you can share success stories, and immediately set new goals for the future. In this way, you strengthen the collective sense of pride, and motivate everyone to give it their all for another year

Happy and satisfied employees generally perform better and are often more committed to the organization they work for. In the long run, that will also benefit your organization’s success and prosperity. The Week of Happiness at Work is therefore an ideal time to create a pleasant work environment where employees feel valued and motivated.

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