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60-minute discovery call

Eager to discuss your challenges? Interested in learning more about how we bring people sustainability to life? Feel free to schedule a conversation with us.

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Overwhelmed by ESG challenges?

Are your people sustainability initiatives decentralized, making it challenging to monitor and report consistently? Does this make it difficult for employees to know where to find what info? Is all of this ESG implementation and organization demanding a lot of your team's time?

Then it's time to consider partnering with a social ESG specialist delivering one central platform. Streamline local and global initiatives, organize your annual plan, and gain insights into the HR challenges your employees encounter.

This collaboration relieves you of daily operational challenges, enabling a shift toward strategic talent development and unlocking the full potential of your workforce.

Our proven approach

One Centralized Platform

Centralized Platform

Bring the 'S' in ESG to life & boost your 'S' score with SDG campaigns from Move To Happiness. Supplement them with company-specific content. Or opt for a full company version.
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Growth Service

From efficient onboarding to monthly communication and event support. When you partner with Move To Happiness, you bring in a social ESG wingman.
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Attract and retain talent?

Move To Happiness assists you to bring people sustainability to life within your workforce

Our approach is tested and proven effective with over 7000 employees at big corporates such as Accenture, Nyrstar, ....

Discover ways to:
  • Transition from ad hoc actions to a structured plan
  • Promote inclusivity and cross-generational thinking
  • Unify diverse experts in a centralized knowledge base
  • Progress from descriptive to predictive data analysis
  • Measure the ROI of ESG initiatives
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"What impressed me the most in the start and still to this day is the wide variety of options Move To Happiness offers. Because exactly on that domain we as an organization struggle. Being able to cover the wide range of ESG initiatives (mental, physical and social) is no easy task."

Dorien Timmermans

People & Culture business partner, Borealis

Discovery call

60-minute social ESG Advisory call

Successfully implementing people sustainability in any sized organization is a huge challenge. How do you tackle issues such as decentralized data or low engagement scores from your employees? 

To answer these questions and more Move To Happiness has a free, 60 minute, advisory call. Where we help you kickstart your ESG journey.