How services company Accenture achieves its ESG goals thanks to Move To Happiness

Accenture is a global services company that offers solutions in strategy, consulting, digital, technology, and outsourcing. It serves as a bridge between business and technology, helping its clients improve their performance and create sustainable value for stakeholders. Accenture operates in more than 120 countries and employs over 743,000 people. Thus, having a robust internal policy is essential to keeping all employees satisfied.

The initial connection between Accenture and Move To Happiness was somewhat coincidental. Through an external recommendation, the service company discovered the Move To Happiness platform. The alignment between the two companies was evident from the start. Accenture was already implementing its own wellness and ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) policies globally. These initiatives encouraged employees to lead healthier lives, provided training opportunities, and offered support for new hires. The existing policy seamlessly integrated with the various programs and pillars developed by Move To Happiness within the Social aspect of ESG.

Clarity improvement

However, there were certain hiccups within Accenture's social policy. Issues arose when attempting to centralize and synchronize the various streams of activity. The separate communication channels for each stream led to confusion among Accenture employees, as they struggled to locate relevant information.

"We were essentially working in silos. Each team was focused on its own stream, but often we didn't know what others were doing. For instance, each team had its own mailing lists to share initiatives," says Jasper Flachs, Co-Team Lead of the We Empower Move-Eat-Feel team at Accenture Belgium. "With the introduction of Move To Happiness, we're breaking down these silos. Going forward, the focus will be on collaboration across streams, aiming to enhance understanding of each other's focus areas. This effort aims to make our policy much more visible throughout our organization. While not all challenges have been addressed, we're confident they'll gradually diminish."

Before Move To Happiness, Accenture had previously collaborated with another partner focusing on activating a small subset of employees, resulting in limited engagement. "Engagement is crucial for us. We want everyone to be involved in what we do. Move To Happiness emphasizes this aspect, which is highly appreciated," Jasper emphasizes.

"We're always seeking innovation, and it was important for us to have a say in our collaborations with other companies. Move To Happiness allows us that flexibility. Together, we're building a platform for our employees. We've transitioned from individual workshops or events to a comprehensive approach. In addition to engagement, there's now a focus on communication and education, which are offerings we definitely want for our employees."

Flexibility as a plus

Accenture has been working with Move To Happiness since early 2023, and significant progress has been made during this period. Move To Happiness has facilitated practical aspects of events such as the Brussels 20 km run and the Antwerp 10 Miles. Accenture employees who participated received guidance from a running coach upon registration, while others could attend monthly yoga sessions for relaxation. Accenture is highly satisfied with the collaboration.

Jasper adds, "Move To Happiness understood our internal dynamics from the outset. Looking specifically at this year, they're collaborating with us to centralize and synchronize our various pillars, alongside events like the Antwerp 10 Miles."

"In addition, their team and platform offer tremendous flexibility, precisely what we sought in a partner. This includes 24/7 availability for any queries and their willingness to adapt their communication to our values and norms. They actively engage with us on all levels and strive to become our external partner in developing our ESG strategy in collaboration with our internal team. It's been a successful collaboration," concludes Jasper.

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